Wednesday, November 9, 2011

month forty seven

Stella June,
Oh hi mini me; could you look more like me? Your hair, eyes, smile, cheeks... We were at the cowboy store picking up some new boots and an old teacher of mine saw you running around without me. I heard him say, "Tehmi must be your Mom!" This happens on a regular basis around town. I sort of love it. And yet, it scares me. I've seen how it all plays out, and those teenage years were rough. 
This month you have just settled into a great rhythm and routine.  We don't have a lot of meltdowns or tantrums. Knock on wood. You have consistently been well behaved and happy for weeks on end. You have become very motherly to your baby doll and even more so to Ruby. You are so concerned that she is OK, or not doing things right. You talk for her, carry her everywhere, get her food, grab her out of her crib, read her stories, try to wash her hair in the tub, and so on. I'm actually surprised you haven't tried to change her diaper. You change the doll's diaper all day long, but I guess that one is a little cleaner.

You are such the informant child, and as I read back on previous monthly letters, I knew this was coming. You hate it when someone breaks the rules. HATE it. When you come home from school and tell me about your day, the response I always get is "I didn't have to sit in the thinking chair today. The thinking chair is for when you are disobedient. I am obedient." You will tell me how many times all the other kids in the class had to sit in the thinking chair, and again remind me that you did not. I will say, the introduction of the thinking chair has shown light on how frustrating you find it is to have people not listen. You have been the sweetest girl the last month. You have constantly done what I asked, when I asked, and your loving attitude towards everyone has only increased. Something I wasn't so sure could increase. 
You were Mary Poppins this year for Halloween and I must say, you were the best Mary Poppins I have ever seen. Seriously. You played the part so well. From the hat to the gloves you were prim and proper. You wandered around saying, "Cheerio Mother, Cheerio". When we went to Novell to Trick or Treat Dad, people stopped and were in awe of the cute factor. When they left, you pulled my arm and whispered in my ear, "They think I'm the REAL Mary Poppins!" Little kids are the best! The unobstructed views of things always catch me off guard, your pure belief and innocence in things makes me smile whole heartily.
June, you are such a funny child. You always make us smile in everything you do. From the sweet things you do to the funny things you say. You make our home happy and energetic, thank you for taking care of us.
love love

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