Sunday, October 16, 2011

Better than Marie Calendars

On Kevin and I's second date I baked him a banana cream pie. He said it was his second favorite kind of pie; apple being the first. He ate the entire thing and I think it might have been the moment he fell in love. For his birthday I baked him an apple pie and it was the first time I ever saw him leave a half of slice of anything on his plate. It was also the first time he didn't take the remaining baked good home.  Ouch right? I personally think I make a pretty good apple pie. It's the go to pie on my list, just take a bunch of apples and cinnamon and your good to go. Well last week I made an apple pie at the barn and he politely finished his piece and that was it. So after two failed pie attempts, I spent my spare moments on the internet searching for an apple pie recipe that was like Marie Calendars. (Yes he asked for a Marie Calendars frozen pie instead. I am trying not to hold it against him.)
It was a Brimhall family weekend and I was asked to bake pie; so I thought that I could give an apple pie one last try. I baked pie all morning with Stella and Ruby while the boys golfed. We made quite the mess and ate a lot of cinnamon apples before actually baking them. After smothering the apples in cream and sugar we baked it for an hour and half, and it came out golden and smelling delicious. The banana cream was still the hit of the evening, I returned home with it's crumbs. And regardless of only one slice missing from the apple pie, the recipe is a keeper. Check it out at Pioneer Woman. I decided on a double crust instead of the crumb crust, but the filling is the same, and it's delicious.
Welcome to fall at our house, full of baked goods and a messy kitchen!!!
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  1. oh my gosh this is making my mouth water.