Sunday, October 9, 2011

a Sunday morning

Today in the kitchen I was baking pie, listening to The Avett Brothers; the girls were in the family room and a dance party commenced. There are fresh flowers are the table and pumpkin pie baking in the oven. Good music was playing through the speakers and our little family was together, dancing around. I love the fall. I love the weather it brings and the fresh feeling in the air. The sweaty summer is gone and my oven is back in business. Things are busy around here, but when wont they be?  Even with the busy, everything is peaceful and calm. Pre-school has done wonders for Stella's behavior. She has learned to be obedient and how un-fun it is when your not. She came home from school last week and told me that she was going to do what Dad and I asked the first time instead of the eleventh time, because the boys at school didn't listen the first time and it made her angry.
Ruby is getting so big, she is starting to enunciate the jibber jabber she speaks, we are hopeful she will actually start talking sometime in the near future. She is constantly hooking her arm around my thigh to take me places, to show me what she wants.  She has been snuggling on our laps for weeks now, she wants to read books and just be with you. It is always the highlight of my day when she climbs up on my lap with her book and blanket and turns to the page with the shoes on it.
Kevin has transitioned into parenthood and our small town with ease. We are very much still in a honeymoon, and we are loving every moment of it. Loving the girls and our family. Loving our nightly routine and the moments we have together. Loving the emails that goes back and forth through out the day and the pictures that are colored as we make dinner. There isn't a sentence I could type that would do justice to how grateful I am for my life, for my little family. They make me happier than any new pair of shoes and a bag of goodies from JCrew could.
My cup runith over.
A huge thanks to Grandma Deb and her Halloween pajamas. The glow in the dark feature is a favorite.

love love


  1. So wonderful to see you so happy and satisfied with life. makes me feel grateful for my blessings as well.

  2. I love that you are so happy and that you are all doing well! We need to get together soon!