Friday, November 11, 2011

the fruit snack fail

We braved the cold spell that fell upon the valley and attended the last home football game. We made it to half time before both the girls were over it and it was nearing bed time. Ruby had been stuck sitting on our laps for way longer than her attention span was finding acceptable. We climbed over everyone and found our way out of the stands. Ruby had turned into a gangster beyond measure and I was having enough. We buckled her in and endured the screaming the 6 blocks home. She was full of attitude and again, the piercing scream was sending me over the edge. Ok let's be honest I was over it. It was a long day, and both the girls were tugging on me, and screaming and I could not transition from work into motherhood as gracefully as I needed to. Kevin was giving me that look of caution, as I was losing my patience. As we pulled in the garage, I climbed out to get Ruby and tried to convince her that bed time was what she really wanted. As I unbuckled her car seat and grabbed her she bit me. Yes. She is a biter when she doesn't get what she wants and I was ticked. So I set her on the ground letting her have a tantrum without me and started gathering all the blankets and coats out of the car. Only to realize that June was asleep; Yes somehow she had managed to fall asleep in the 6 blocks  home through Ruby's screams. Kevin was carrying her to bed as I walked inside, leaving Ruby to follow behind. She didn't follow behind.
As I was unloading my arms, I hear the "I'm really hurt and scared cry, not just mad and whining". I dropped everything and ran back to the garage. I couldn't see her pigtails bopping around and fell to the ground to see she was stuck underneath the car. Clenching onto a sick dried up fruit snack that was stuck to the cement. I crawled underneath pulling her out from underneath. She was luckily wearing her giant snow coat, hat, tights, jeans and uggs. As I calmed her down inside the tears eased and she fell asleep in Kevin's arms. She never acted hurt or tugged at any part of her body, she just wanted us to snuggle her. I fell asleep that night shaking my head, she had crawled underneath my parents trucks before, searching for the kittens, but never our own cars. All for a sick fruit snack. She slept like a champ through the night and was still snuggled in when Kevin and I left for work the next morning. It wasn't until I arrive home at lunch to take them to their dad's for the weekend that Amilia pointed out this:
MOTHER OF THE YEAR! For sure they are going to deliver the award to me for not noticing the 2 inch blistered burn on her back! Through her coat, sweater, shirt and tights, she burned herself underneath the car, leaving a blister that brought tears to my eyes. After Kevin researched all the things to do for a burn and I convinced him that we probably didn't need to take her to the doctor, he reminded me that at least she and I will have matching tramp stamp scars**...
The burn has healed nicely and luckily she never really complained of it. Now we are religiously and liberally applying vitamin E to ease the scar.
Awesome right? I am still shaking my head, plagued with guilt over it...

love love

**I have a scar almost exactly like this on the small of my back from a teenage moment when the tailgate to Molly's Bronco came open and I fell out, tumbling down the street turning my lower back into hamburger. The scare has mostly faded but sometimes it still looks like I've had a butterfly tattoo removed.

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