Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Quarium

That darling husband of mine sent me an email last week suggesting that we attend the aquarium for a cold rainy snowy Saturday. It was a great idea! We packed the girls in the car and headed to the aquarium. They both fell asleep on the drive and were hungry when we arrived. After a fruit snack, potty break and a few jumping jacks we were ready to see the fish. (Why am I treating this little excursion as if we 1) went on a road trip farther than 40 minutes away, 2) went to Sea World or something? I don't really know to be honest)
I wondered how Ruby would take to the event, you never know how a nearly two year old takes to things sometimes. But I have to say, she loved it more than anyone else. I bet if after we finished wandering around we went back through, she would giggle just as much the second time around. Stella was a little hungry towards the end so you can just say that we did not go back through to please Ruby. They loved seeing the "Nemo" fish and the Seahorses. Ruby could have played all afternoon with the Sting Rays, but Stella couldn't wait to wash her hands after barely touching the water, not even the sting ray. I did not like the Eels. They freak me out. They would be my freak out animal, the one that causes nightmares and solicits a squeal. Which I feel OK about, because I mean I live in Utah, how often will I encounter an eel? Kevin probably enjoyed watching all of us girls and of course the crocodile. Funny how we didn't really care for the penguins? The girls were more excited about the spiders...

I think the best part of the whole thing was watching Kevin. Watching pure joy in his face as he held Ruby and helped her touch the sting rays, as she giggled and clung to him. As he helped Stella find the crocodile and hold her tight so the eel wouldn't scare her. I forget that he has never had these moments before and how lucky I get to be to watch them unfold. I think he was most proud because it was 100% his idea and his execution and it couldn't have been more perfect for a cold Saturday afternoon. Well done Kev!
love love

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