Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Month 21

Oh my Ruby! What a month we have had! I just keep looking at the pictures of you and laughing. You are such a funny little girl! Seriously. You have the cutest pot gut. I know I probably am creating some sort of weird complex, but seriously. Your belly is like you are trying to smuggle a cantaloupe under your shirt. It's only like that at the end of the day, But whenever I see it, I give into the urge to smurf it until you giggle uncontrollably. Mature of me? Nope, not at all. But it is so cute! Every time I pick you up and you "Hi!" I am immediately drawn into kissing your cheeks. They are so stinkin' kissable! Please grow out of that before you teenage years.
You are a constantly wishing you could get what you want, or wishing you could at least communicate what you want. You are getting much better, and everyday it is easier to understand. Last week we were standing in the kitchen and I was baking some sort of mess and you were screaming at me as you were standing at the fridge. I asked if you wanted "cheese"? And she shook her head no and kept tugging at the fridge yelling "dadock, dadock, dadock". I was seriously stumped. But you kept saying it over and over again, grabbing my leg and pulling me over to the fridge. I was feeling a little bit like a failure because I didn't know what you were talking about and then you started to cry. As I opened the fridge and stared aimlessly at the scattered food, I realized you wanted a hot dog! I ask you if you did and you did a happy dance as if it were Christmas morning! You ate two hot dogs and then I smurfed your pot belly until you were giggling so hard you couldn't breathe.

You were sick a few weeks ago with a fever that left you glued to my chest. I have never seen your dad be so worried about anything in his life. You were on fire and only allowing snuggling to happen. I managed to cook, clean and type one handed for two days because I was holding you with the other arm. When Kevin would come home we would trade off and you would over heat him for the rest of the night. As your fever eased up you spent a few days, pretty much screaming. I'm not sure why, but you were ticked. On about hour 56 of you constantly screaming I had to start making fun of you. Kevin drew the line at me screaming back. So instead I just photographed over and over again for your posterity. They will thank me I'm sure.

You wore the cupcake costume this year for Halloween, and boy oh boy did you wear it well! You were so freaking cute as you hopped along with your arms flapping around! You loved every moment of it! My favorite is when you discovered its similarities to wearing a sumo suit and started running into everything and falling on the ground with your feet up in the air as you couldn't get up; of course giggling the entire time.
Rubes, you are a spit fire. You are happy, you are sad, you are tough, you are a gangster, you are demanding, you are self sufficient,  and you are unbelievably cute. I love you.
love love

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