Thursday, November 17, 2011

The 4th Birthday

The birthday girl woke to a table full of presents and a purple birthday hat. She was so excited to have it finally be the day she turned 4. I was able to work from home and told her she could have whatever she wanted for breakfast. Her choice? Lucky charms. She is tough to please...

We let her open some of the presents and it was sensory overload. But the look of pure excitement is why you give presents...
She spent the afternoon with her dad shopping. I was anticipating a melt down of some sorts, you know it is a little girls birthday. But the birthday girl was a dream. She kept wandering around telling us that she was almost 5 now. I couldn't help but just shake my head and laugh at her. As the evening rolled around, I finished frosting the cake and 48 balloons arrived for the party. Stella and Ruby couldn't focus on anything but balloons. In fact as they are scattered around the floor they are still mesmerized by them. We had some of our family over for cake and ice cream and the little girl couldn't get enough of it all. Between everyone paying attention to her, the presents, the cake, the balloons and the fact that it was HER birthday to much. She pulled me aside and said "Mom, I'm as happy to the moon and stars and back!" Could you ask for better?

And it traditional style, Grandpa Trace came through the door singing "Happy Birthday" as loud as possible! It wouldn't be a birthday without his rendition the song...

At the moment the favorite gift is the Mary Poppins globe that Grandma Jan and Grandpa Richard gave her. She has been carrying it around ever since.
She was pretty excited to have the entire family sing Happy Birthday. She told me that she had a great wish to make but forgot it as she was blowing out the candles.
Then there is Brian. There are no words for exactly how weird he is...
Micall, mom made us take this picture for you. You were missed. There is a box of cake balls still in the freezer with your name on them!
The birthday girl fell fast asleep after the festivities died down and I still can't believe she is 4 years old. I snuggled with her as she slept until she rolled over and pointed at the door with authority; never opening her eyes or saying anything, but clearly telling me it was my time to leave.
Happy Birthday June Bug!
You are so loved!!
love love