Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Far

Today is Wednesday. And so far this week we have been busy. Well by that I mean I have been busy. At work. With stuff nobody on the this blog really cares about, but lets just say that I remember now that I don't need as much sleep as I think and that I am way more technical than I want to be. And there are no more nerf wars bombarding the office because we are all way to busy. It isn't as much fun.
So far this week Kevin has burned the lasagna for dinner. He thought that putting it back in the oven for a few minutes to make it more golden would be ok. Which it would have been, but that few minutes turned into 10 with the broiler on high. I'm certain the girls room still smells like burning cheese and meat sauce.
Ruby learned how to roar like a lion, squeal like a monkey, and smack her lips like a fish. It's pretty much my favorite part of this week so far.
The Lion:

The Monkey:
and The Fish:  
This week I decided to make something from my pinterest board. I'm totally that person who just pins crap and then never ever does any of it. Not anymore. After the burnt lasagna and the roaring lion, Stella and I took a special trip to the craft store for some essentials. She was so excited that it was just me and her. We picked up yarn, glue, and balloons. And maybe some candy that we ate in the parking lot. She was declaring this art project a mom and Stella only project. Which I found especially ironic since she was going to hate it. Lets soak yarn in glue and smash it all over a balloon. Her hands would be dirty, I wouldn't let her play with the balloons and it would have to dry overnight. None of that sounds interesting to a four year old. She lasted about 9 minutes. It was about 6 minutes more than I thought she would. But on a happy note, Kevin's OCD was able to handle the glued balloons on the counter and they turned out fantastic! I will probably make more, because if 20 are great then 50 is even better! And next time lets add glitter! Yeah I will probably have to send Kevin out for that part of the project.

And because I promised Stella, ok on Sunday I promised, that we would write letters to Santa tonight. But today I promised, promised that we would actually do it tonight after dinner. She wants a puzzle.

Hope your week is pretty good so far!
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  1. Those would make cute ornaments! Going to pin now.. :)

  2. We totally made those in Young Women's a couple weeks ago and they turned out great! I, too, found them on pinterest. Gotta love it!