Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The midweek ramble

Maybe I should make this midweek post a "thing"... Na. Then I probably would struggle to keep up with it. Remember those monthly letters? Girls, you better appreciate those letters when you are older.

So far this week Stella has been a wreck of large proportions. I think she is still trying to recover from the weekend with her dad. Seriously though. I am losing patience. (Not that I ever had much). She whines and cries at the drop of everything then when I ask "Why exactly are you crying????????" her replies are priceless "We... don't...sniff.. sniff... have any..lip curl... string cheese." or "My... in my face."
Yes. She is serious about this crap.
(This is a happy moment, one I documented so that I know they do exist.)

I just go on ignoring her. Then send her to bed where she promptly falls asleep. Which is a total bummer because I have missed her. They were at their dad's for Thanksgiving and then the weekend after and I feel like I've been a little low on Stella and Ruby fuel. But maybe tonight she will be happy? They are getting there hair cut for the first time at a salon. Kevin says that I can't cut it anymore at home, it's to stressful for him to listen to Stella and I fight about holding still. Wish us luck will you?
Also, please note that Stella is brushing Ruby's hair after the bubble bath. She spent 5 minutes telling her to stay still and that it would be ok, that the tangles would be out soon. She was super gentle and loving about it. Ruby was OK with it, she was armed with her toy gun in case things didn't go her way.
 So far this week I have managed to fail at cooking dinner... But really that is only two nights, because Sunday does not count, (unless I cook Sunday dinner, then it most certainly does count) and then Monday night. Tuesday's the girls have dinner with Trevor so that doesn't count either. Maybe I haven't failed at dinner this week. But probably I will, because Kevin is in Houston on business and why would I cook dinner for just three girls? Pancakes it is!!!

I have been listening to the best Christmas music! Full of James Taylor, Alan Jackson and my new favorite The Lower Lights. Seriously. Go check them out. And... the new Black Keys album may have sneaked in there. Its a great mix of O Holy Night and Little Black Submarines. Did I mention I have been writing code for a new iPad app and zoning out with my face about 2 inches from the screen. It's awesome. I look like a dork rocking out to Christmas music and The Black Keys. People should let me work from home just so I don't embarrass myself anymore.
And that concludes this weeks Wednesday ramble. There are few posts waiting in the editor, I'm mostly waiting for my eyes to uncross from the a fore mentioned computer screen . I promised Micall that I would be more entertaining for her final study breaks. I'm such a giver.
love love


  1. Stella and Logan are ridin' the same wave, then. is it in the sacrament water?

    I like your glasses.

  2. Whiner or not, Stella is pretty dang cute. Both of them are. I'm off the cooking dinner train too-- overrated.

    Writing code??? You are such a smarty pants! Hope you guys have a Happy Christmas.