Thursday, December 29, 2011

The gingerbread house

Last Friday we made a gingerbread house! It was hilarious watching Kevin and Stella build it. Stella is dedicated and determined to make it the way she wants it to, until she is tired of doing so. Kevin on the other hand is stressed that it's not looking perfect, or that the lines aren't straight. The OCD in him gets him every time. I know well enough to stay away. Competing with Stella on projects like this are not my shining motherly moment. If I were to participate I would need my own ginger bread house, and maybe we could share the candy. Luckily Stella said I could add the snow after she put all the candy on it. By that time she was over it. The best part of the decorating arrangement is that I get to take photos of the whole ordeal. Oh you ask where Ruby was while we were building our winter wonderland? Screaming and then sleeping. After the tantrum of all tantrums we sent her to time out, she fell asleep screaming. We just turned up the Christmas music hoping to drown her out and instill holiday cheer. 
Merry Christmas!

Love Love


  1. Glue gun? I cry foul. Probably just cuz yours is a lot cuter than ours.

  2. yeaaaaah, i bought the same stupid kit and i had ZERO patience for it. it basically looked exactly like tae put it all together herself even though i held the piping bag for 97% of the time. FAIL for me but yours looks stupendous! well done you (guys)

  3. Perfect. Did you get yours from Costco? those things are the bomb.