Thursday, December 29, 2011

Party #749

Like every year of my entire life there is a Christmas party. One where my entire Tolbert family gathers around for great food, great conversation and harassing of all kinds. Sadly, it feels like this is the only time of the year I see them. It is loud, chaotic, and full of young children these days, which just makes it all the more fun. A girlfriend of my cousin asked my Grandpa how he fit in to all the people around, he smiled and said "I'm the owner and creator of all this craziness".  The bonus of this year was that Jolly ole St. Nick did not join us like all the other years past. I was a little sad to hear he wouldn't join us this year, because well it has been that way for the past 35 years. But we got to enjoy presents from one another and weren't running on his schedule so it worked out nicely. Plus this year we decided to take a few photos...
*for the record, there was an entire nativity scene, not just angels, AND there were like 40 more people there. I just happened to run out of battery and or had my hands full with a plate of funeral potatoes and a two year old. Maybe next year I will take pictures of the entire ordeal.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for making this the most beloved tradition in our family. It wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't little smokey's and granny crack.
love love

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