Saturday, December 31, 2011

Month 22

Ruby Ruby,
Oh my sweet little girl, where have you gone? You are nearly out of control these days. Like really. Maybe because you haven't been sleeping. Your favorite thing is to just be awake in the middle of the night, yelling. Not crying, not screaming, yelling. You are yelling at us. Oh it is exhausting for everyone involved. Its a good thing you are cute otherwise nobody could handle it.
You have the cutest smile, your dimples are edible and your gap teeth make me grin just like your sisters does Your hair is still terrible, but I'm hopeful it will get better. You are a great little sister for Stella. She takes care of you and you put her in her place when you are not in the mood to be taken care of. You let her have her moments and it is really sweet. At her birthday party you just stood back and watched, just waiting for her to toss aside the wrapping paper so you could play with it. I hope you and Stella always get along, I hope you always take care of each other the way you do now.

Your new favorite past time these days is taking a bath. I have to be careful about saying the word "bath" otherwise regardless of where we are you start taking off your clothes and screeching 'ath'. You could play in the tub until the water turned cold and your shriveled up like a raisin. Now if I could just get you to stop screeching while you played I would let you play all day. It's the echo that kills me every time.
You got your hair cut for the first time this month! I realized your mullet had grown in out of control and one side was about 2 inches longer than the other. I was really nervous to take you and Stella to get your hair cut, visions of screaming wiggling little girls haunted my mind. You both did great. Your pig tales are now even and cuter than ever. It's amazing what you get away with when you are bouncing around with cute little pig tails following you.
Ruby, I can't tell you how much I need you in my life. Even when you are out of control from time to time I nee that. It's your way of telling me I need to pay attention more, I need to be better for you. It's like you are my watch dog always keeping me in check. I forget that you are still my baby girl, and even when your sister is looking out for you or you are becoming more and more independent you are still my baby; and I love you so much.
love love

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