Saturday, December 31, 2011

Month Forty Nine

Miss June Bug,
You are a riot. But I fear you are growing up to fast, could you slow it down for me? You stayed little before you went to Pre-school and now you are writing your name, spelling letters out, talking about your friends and how nice they are to you. It's like your a child and not even a toddler anymore! You even fit into GapKids clothes now! Slow down I tell you, slow down!
You wrote a letter to Santa this year nearly all by yourself and it was rather traumatic because the next day at daycare you realize you forgot to add a pillow pet to the letter. You were so sad at daycare that they called me to ask if I could maybe let Santa know that you had forgotten the pillow pet. We talked about it, and you were certain that Santa was going to forget because the letter already was in the mailbox and there was no going back after you put it in the mail box. You were nearly inconsolable about the pillow pet. Don't you worry June, we've got an inside line with Jolly Ole St. Nick and we got Pillow Pet on the list. But not that weird unicorn one that you wanted, just a lady bug.
You have been skiing up a storm lately with your dad. You love it! When you come home you get so excited about it. Nothing makes me happier than hearing you tell me how you went on the ski lift and you went down all by yourself. We talk about pizza and french fries and you are happy about it all. I really wondered how letting your dad teach you to ski would go over, but he has been great with you. He has made you fall in love with the sport and I couldn't ask for more. Now if we could just get some more snow you would be even more thrilled. Nothing like getting an entire new ski outfit and not having any snow to play in.

You are such a girl. And I mean that in the best way possible. But you are all glitter, dresses and sparkles. You want to look pretty, you want to feel pretty. You came crying into dad this last week because you couldn't find your sparkly belt and without it you couldn't feel pretty. I'm terrified of your teenage years. Mostly because Miss Taryn sent me a picture message of you rubbing your alleged boyfriends back during the preschool Christmas party. His name is Wyatt. You came home that day and told me that Wyatt thinks you are the prettiest girl, and he loves your new hair cut, it makes your hair shiny. SERIOUSLY. How as your mother do I get any sleep I'm not sure... We had a talk about Wyatt and you are going to think about having a boyfriend or not.

June, You are such a glowing happy spot in our lives. You rarely are out of control, you might whine from time to time, but you are really a great kid. You are kind and loving and want everyone to be happy. When people are sad, or you know you've made them sad it sits with you for a long time, you feel terrible about it. You are geniunely kind and loving and it melts my heart every day. I love you so much.
love love

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