Saturday, December 31, 2011

Month 23

Miss Ruby,
You so full of excitement these days. It's my favorite thing to look through iPhoto and find you face of pure excitement. Your sister shows some attitude and get's annoyed with me, but you, you still think I'm funny. You still think everything is amazing. You have fallen completely in love with Kevin. You are entirely over me in comparison to Kevin. I thought you were in love with him months ago, but it has only grown exponentially. You just want him. I'm getting over my jealousy. Slowly. Watching you fall in love with him and him you has been the sweetest thing. You wake up in the morning and scream "Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!" If I walk in there, you sit down and shake your head no and continue yelping for Kevin. In his arms you look like this 9 month old, in mine you look like the toddler that you are. Every night I used to sing you the "Pie Song", the same one I sing Stella nightly. But then Kevin took over and now you won't sleep without a rendition of "Take me out to the ball game." Yes. You won't go to sleep until the seventh inning stretch.

You went tubing this month with the family and your face was one of joy the entire time. Until you got cold, real cold. We took your frozen hands inside and within moments you were snuggled in my arms fast asleep. It was a rare occasion that happens and for me it was more fun than tubing.

Ruby, you are so busy and so funny. You are talking a little more each day, but your personality is bursting at the seams. You dance in your car seat like you've got swagger. You purse your lips making the what we call the "Grandpa Face" and nobody stops laughing about it. You are a gem at parties and through the holiday's I was lucky enough that I didn't worry a moment about taking you out, just maybe about your hair.

I love you so much Ruby, I can't imagine a single moment without you in it. Thank you for being such a bright spot in our lives.
love love

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