Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Sewing Machine

I know how to bake, I know how to cook, I know how to clean a house and throw a party. I can play the role as a corporate wife to an event that requires heels and lipstick with an hours notice. I can iron and use a chop saw and change irrigation lines if needed. But I cannot sew a button on to save my life. When I have had to go to the fabric store for a momentary craft my heart starts to race and I genuinely feel as if I can't breath at the sight of all those spools of thread and types of fabric. It's all to overwhelming and usually smells bad. Seriously.  I told Kevin when I we got married to not expect a single button to be sewn on, luckily his mother knows how. 
This Christmas my mother, who is a great seamstress and quilter, decided that Micall, Heather and I needed our own sewing machines. Terrifiying right?! But I was going to be succesfull. I was going to do it. So let's not talk about my fear for fabric stores still. I ordered all my supplies online and had them overnighted. One step at a time right?

My starter pillow was totally weak, but I didn't get anxious, I didn't freak out and my Mom didn't rip it apart! I'm considering it a win! And Ruby has been delighted to carry it around with her. Now I am trying to figure out my next projects, so heres to Pinterest and maybe gathering courage to go to the actual fabric store. Wish me luck?!?

love love


  1. Good for you!!! Sew yourself some pajama pants. :) We just did that project with our YW last night!

  2. LOL! Love the post! I feel the same about fabric stores, I can handle ANYTHING else- well stated about Pinterest- let it be your guide. LOL. Happy Sewing!!