Saturday, January 21, 2012

Year 2011

So many things to say about the year 2011, and not one that comes to mind is bad. Kevin and I fell in love, the girls fell in love with him and we were perfectly married on the front porch. He moved into our house full of girls and the dance parties only intensified. The girls transitioned into an additional father figure with ease. Kevin became the dad that worries, frets and wholeheartedly loves. He's the dad that sleeps on the floor next to a sick baby just to make sure she will be ok.  I wake to him every morning and am so grateful that he is here, that he takes care of me in ways I never knew that I needed. He stabilizes me and our lives.  I can not express how blessed we are. How happy life can be when you've made the right decisions and you continue to make those decisions. 7 months later Kevin and I are still blissfully smiling at each other and enjoying nothing but our little family. We have done nothing but enjoy the year 2011, but are more excited for the things that are in store for the year 2012.
love love

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