Thursday, February 9, 2012


There was a little girl who turned 2 in our house and it amazes me that she is that old already. There was a birthday party and a tricycle that is being ridden in circles around me in the kitchen. There was a slightly spontaneous move across town that sucked all my energy and thoughts towards moving and boxes. There is also a party of all parties happening this weekend and I couldn't be more thrilled to be assisting in its execution. Let's just say there isn't a lot of time in my mind to write blog posts. Sad right? I will get there. There is internet at our new house now and that makes a world of difference. Now if we could just get our washer and dryer delivered that would be even better. Who has time to sit at the laundromat? (Thanks mom for having a plethora of washer and dryers and even switching it for me. Life Saver you are.)
As I wandered our little duplex last night it was empty, the walls were bare and it echoed. I closed my eyes and could see our little home and the girls changing and growing. I moved there to heal my heart and it did. Not only did it heal, but it grew. I grew as a person and stood stronger on my own with the girls at my side than ever before. I learned how to be single mom and it was our girly house with purple flowers and pink desks. Ruby took her first steps there and Kevin picked me up for our first date on that door step. As I look at my tall friend and think about our future it is time to move on. It is time to do something together, to find a home that is ours and only ours. We did. We have been looking for places to live, slowly and methodically giving ourselves a deadline of June 1. You see that cute girly house does not have air conditioning and I'm not sure we can endure another summer of no cooking and sweltering heat. We stumbled upon a little starter home across town that was being completely re-tiled, re-carpeted, and re-painted. It smells clean and new. It's on a street that ends in a circle and has a yard with a wooden fence, a garden and sandbox. We got excited. Our family would fit in this home very nicely while we really decide where to go, to build or to find something else. So here we are 2 weeks later, all moved in but still in boxes and really excited to create a new home. Our home.

love love

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