Monday, March 12, 2012


 I love 9am church. I'm just going to come out and say that this hour of church is the very best. Even with young rowdy children it is far better than 1pm church. Kevin and I had a lovely weekend this past 3 days, one where the children were with there other dad and we were enjoying it. We wandered the mall. That husband of mine let me wander the mall! We don't so much go to the city anymore so when we do I get all excited. We stopped at all the favorites along the way, starting out with a fairyfetti cupcake and finishing it off at JCrew where I can spend hours.

We slept in on Saturday and then that husband of mine let me browse JCrew again! We ate sub par gnocchi at my favorite gnocchi place and I left a little disappointed. Smooshy gnocchi is never good. We came home and he tucked me in bed knowing very well that the clocks were going to change tomorrow and I would be sleepy. We arrived at church on time and I doodled all the way through sacrament meeting, except for the 20 minutes before the silly boys passed the bread and water and the darling family across from us sat as quiet and calm as could be. The 5 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old all sat for 20 minutes with their arms folded and didn't say a word or wiggle. Seriously.
I was intently studying them and watching my clock change. How is that even possible? How does the 4 year old and the 2 year old do remain in one spot for 20 minutes? I can't even do that. Then the moment the silly boys sat down the children became children and were coloring and eating fruit snacks. I'm still baffled as to how that could be done.
We attended all 3 hours of church. Yes shall I repeat that? I attended all 3 hours of church! I'm nearly becoming a regular in Sunday school. Then when Relief Society began the 2 old ladies in the back hollered at me to scoot back towards them, then made me sit between them so I could tell them all about me; even though I'm a local and grew up just up the street and they already know about my family. Nelda and LaRae were intent on getting to know me and whispering in my ear as the minutes ticked on. It was fantastic.
We spent the rest of the afternoon snacking and snuggling. Watching Friday Night Lights again and reading books in the sunshine peeking through the windows. I kept glancing at my tall husband and smiling at how content he was just to be with me on a Sunday, and how fantastic this day was. The girls arrived home and we snuggled with them as we read stories and they told us about the weekend. We tucked them in bed and as I kissed their stinky heads I smiled. This weekend was filled with nothing but ended with delight. I wish all weekends were like this.
love love

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