Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nightly Routine

We have a nighttime routine at our house that rarely changes. But its only then that I notice Kevin's OCD for routines and things in straight lines. I pulled out my camera last night to document the quirkiness of it all. Because that is indeed what it is.

Stella helps Ruby brush her teeth. There is usually a 50/50 chance that they come out of the bathroom in tears. But they work it out.
I don't normally wander around documenting, but I should more often.
The teapot for the toothbrushes. Both start with "T" as Stella tells me daily.
Kevin turns down the beds, turns on the lamps and turns off the lights. I usually wander around and turn on all the lights again just to watch him turn them off. Its a silent little battle.
Stella scrubs her teeth really hard, and with determination because she heard that germs were like bugs.
Ruby and Kevin wrestle on our bed until she tries to convince him that she should sleep in "Daddy Bed. I sleep Daddy Bed."
Then the nightly story. Usually we read them separately because Stella gets really bored with the hungry caterpillar night after night. But tonight she was content to read it again with us. Then we say prayers where Stella spills out things I didn't even know were on her mind. Ruby folds her arms for about 6 seconds before she is bored. Then they gather their sippy cups which Kevin has already placed next to their beds and we send them to bed.
Every night this routine occurs. It's pretty cute to watch Kevin meticulously execute it, even when I try to mess with it, like turn on a light. He is pretty cute.
love love

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