Friday, May 25, 2012

Boy. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Our baby BOY!

I convinced the doctor to let us take a quick look at whether we were having a boy or a girl at our last appointment. I was just barely 16 weeks and our doctor normally won't look until 20.  My mothers intuition was all messed up. I couldn't tell if we were having a boy or a girl. This pregnancy is so different from the girls, but it's also Kevin's baby so maybe that's why. We so desperately wanted a boy, but I felt calm in having a girl. I know how to have girls, I knew that I could see Kevin falling in love again with another daughter. When our beloved nurse Cindy looked around at the squirming little one, at first glance, it was announced that it looked like a girl. A Girl! I looked at Kevin and squeezed his arm, A GIRL! ...yay? Then after about 20 minutes of prodding on a very old ultrasound machine it appeared that it was a Boy. A BOY! It most definitely looked like a boy, but we weren't certain we could announce to the world that it was a boy, only to be mistaken. We headed across the street to Fetal Foto where it took another 30 minutes to get the little one to uncross his ankles, at least this time we were able to watch him kick, squirm, wave, and suck his thumbs on a 46" TV screen. Kevin could determine what arms were and legs were on a screen that size. Finally after some convincing he uncrossed his legs. We are having a BOY! I was in tears excited. I could have had a girl, but I really wanted a boy. A baby BOY! A healthy, strong, wiggly baby boy. Kevin is over the moon excited, and the girls knew all along that they were having a baby brother. Kevin told me that I was smiling in my sleep that night. This little one already is so loved.
love love


  1. I'm so happy for you guys! A BOY! I'm like you... Dying for a boy, but totally calm about another girl. I'm jealous you already know! We find out next Thursday. Anyway, congrats! He's gonna be so so cute and your girls will be the sweetest mini-mamas with him!

  2. congrats! boys are awesome.