Friday, May 25, 2012

yah man

 Kevin  and I ventured to Jamaica this last week for a terrific vacation celebrating a great sales year. We spent our time at the pool, golf course, beach and eating an enormous amount of Jerk chicken. Every meal. seriously. We toured the White Witch Mansion at dark and nearly peed my pants when the actors jumped out of closets. We hiked the Dunns River falls and other than having to hold hands all the way up it was a blast. I got to know Kevin's sales team a lot better and hopefully they got to know me as well. The best part of the trip? For sure feeling good 90% of the time. By the time we were heading home I was ready to see the girls, I missed them. Isn't that the way a good vacation should end?

The haunted mansion tour. Clearly the slaves weren't as tall as Kevin. Also please note my baby bump. It was rubbed every single day by someone new. By day three, Kevin saw the look in my eye and started to protect it a little more. I'm not even interested in Stella rubbing it a thousand times a day, let alone strangers.
A beach BBQ...

Kevin drank at least 6 of these bottles a day. He was addicted. SO GOOD.
We went to this little local Jerk Shack where they served up the very best jerk I've ever had. You walk into literally a tin roof over some tables and the smoke is wafting from the grills of jerk that is full to the brim. It was so good.
Our new friends...
No I am not peeing my pants in the photo, it was just really really cold sitting underneath the waterfall at Dunns River. And there were some very pushy tour guides yelling at us to sit there and smile. Mr. Rule follower was not about to ignore them.
Kevin was very concerned he would become a lobster at the beach. He was right, he did.

The Canadians. These lovely ladies report to Kevin and they always hit their number. We love them!!

We finished the trip off with the entire day at the pool, Kev sat under his own cabana and I chased the sun around. It was fantastic.

love love