Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the weekend

We realized it was memorial day weekend just day's before it occurred. I guess a beach vacation can screw with your mind. I also thought our anniversary was Tuesday, not Monday. We still managed to pack our weekend full of to do's.
  • we ran/walked/skipped/jogged/blown over during a 5K
  • escaped to the cabin in Tabiona
  • saw a bear
  • snuggled
  • Ruby microwaved a red rubber ball.
  • I'm still not friends with her because of it
  • Got a flat tire on top of Mt. Tabby and prayed we'd make it home on the tiny spare
  • we gratefully made it home
  • bought new tires
  • played the longest round of golf. 3.5 hours for 9 holes
  • celebrated our 1 year anniversary at the Grill Room. 
I hope your weekend was as delightful!

love love

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