Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the first year

A burst of energy settled in this household yesterday and I conquered cleaning out the storage room; mostly all the books that were stacked around the luggage they were once in. I was sorting them out to place them in the proper place on the bookshelf and I stumbled upon a journal of sorts. It only had a few pages written in it; all written during sacrament meetings during the first year of my first marriage. As I read through the journal my eyes welled up with tears. I am so happy now. A year ago I said yes to marrying Mr. Brimhall on the front porch and since then it's felt like 5 years. We settled into married life like it was fresh air we were breathing. Changes happened, decisions were made and we progressed. We grew stronger and depended more on each other. I can't think of any major fight that altered the discourse of our relationship or happiness. We decided to have a baby, a decision that terrified me. The affects and taste of pregnancy still lingered in my mind and I wasn't sure our union could handle it. Kevin reassured me that it could, that he would be there, that he would support me regardless of my mental state. It's not over, but the worst of it is, and I've never felt more stable in my life. He makes me a better person. He makes our family better. Something I wake up in the morning trying to reciprocate. I am more in love with my tall friend than I ever thought I could be. The kind of love that country music sings about and poems are written for. I am so grateful that I found him, that he found me. It has been a fantastic year, the best starting point I could have ever asked for.
Happy Anniversary Tall Friend!
love love


  1. Really?! A year already? I can't believe it... and then again- I guess I can. Just wish I didn't live across the world and we could see more of each other. Congratulations on everything!! Loves :)

  2. Very sweet! Happy Anniversary!