Monday, June 4, 2012

Restored Cool Factor

Stella declared this morning while snuggling with me that today was a lazy day. Pajamas and snuggles all day long! Cheers to that! It's going to be warm outside and I'm content to stay inside near the air conditioning and snuggle with the little ones. We got bored of snuggling before nap time so of course I decided to microwave some soap. You know to remind them that I am pretty cool and full of lots of useless knowledge. Like putting a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave makes a huge cloud of soap and smells fantastic. You should try it, especially if your kids are losing faith in your cool factor.
Ivory Soap + 2 minutes in the microwave= a soap cloud.

love love

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  1. What a fun mom you are!!! My 4 year old nephew had a mad science birthday party and microwaving ivory soap was one of their "experiments", but he thought it was marshmallows or something and tried to eat it.