Friday, June 22, 2012

The Play Groups

This week has been a week full of activities and play dates all with the hopes of distracting my children. We went to the Petting Zoo of farm animals. (With people who did not grow up bottle feeding baby goats, gathering eggs and riding mules. (I love that I can rightfully say, Hey, I used to feed baby goats with empty Sprite bottles and little black nipples and that bucket of sweet smelling powdered milk. My attitude might not have been 100% perfect 100% of the time, but I'm much wiser now in my old age and can appreciate the lessons taught feeding those goats.)) Luckily my kids still get to see all those farm animals and really don't make much of a fuss about seeing a bunch of chickens or cows. It just reminds Ruby that one time a chicken bit her finger and then we have to hear about it over and over again. Anyway, we went to the petting zoo, they rode a wagon and a pony. They pretty much looked like this most of the time:

Shortly after this Ruby tried to climb off her horse to go play with the stroller.
It's a good thing that we really enjoyed Piper, Niki and Cami otherwise I would have been embarrassed by their lack of enthusiasm.

Today we finally decided to attend the weekly play group at the park that we've been invited to week after week. I have some issues with play groups at the park. Remember this incident? I've never been keen on parks since. But I am genuinely trying to be a good stay at home mom, and make friends that are stay at home moms like me, and stay at home mom's take their kids to the park. So we went to the park. It was weird. The moms chase their kids up and down the slides and play tag with them. They climb the monkey bars at sing their praises for the children going down the slide on their own. I was pretty much looking forward to sitting on a blanket with my camera and a diet coke. Stella was a whiny mess, Ruby was uninterested and we all left going "huh. that was interesting." This was about as happy as they got, and I took 97 pictures and these were the happiest.

We will try it again next week to see if we can get into a groove, but man this is getting hard trying to entertain the little ones all the time. I'm running out of ideas. Today Stella told me that she wanted to go to Danica's because they play differently there. I asked what they did specifically so we can play that at home. She told me they blow bubbles, go down the slide on the playground, color pictures, and make cookies. That's what she likes to do. I KID YOU NOT, We did all of those things this week. I guess we are still adjusting.
love love

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