Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Update: Ruby Maine

Oh Miss Ruby,
You little one are such a dream. You are a little wiley, you still have terrible hair but are so funny that we don't even notice anymore. Well your dad might, he struggles to take you seriously with your hair everywhere. You are a cheese ball, a good eater, a great sleeper and even better at going potty. You are talking so much more, in complete sentences and when I ask you to go get Stella from the toy room you stand at the top of the stairs and yell "STELLA COME UPSTAIRS MOM WANTS YOU". Then you look at me and smile. You are a wanderer of your own sorts, you don't necessaryly want to play with the other kids, or me. You like to just play by yourself. You will play with other kids and you follow Stella around looking up to her every move, but only after you've filled your quota of me time.

We are working through the terrible twos and teaching you all the things you don't want to learn. Like you've decided that dinner just isn't your meal of choice; breakfast is. You eat bowls and bowls of cereal in the morning and won't touch anything at dinner. Then you go to bed hungry and wake up starving. It's a vicious cycle. But a few weeks ago I had enough of this staring at your food and then wandering around. We were having a salad with salmon on it and Stella had managed to eat all of hers but you were throwing a fit of giant proportions. Instead of sending you to your room I took a deep sigh of patience and threatened to flick you until you ate your food. You had to try one bite of everything on your plate. You screamed, I took more deep breaths. You screamed some more and I flicked your cheek. You screamed and screamed and I prayed for patience. After about 2 minutes of screaming and me breathing you looked and me and took a bite of cucumber. And after about 7 minutes you had eaten two bites of everything on your plate, including the salmon. It was the first moment we had that wasn't just a scream fighting mess. You understood me and I understood you. I was the mom and you were the child. You ate your food, took your plate to the sink then ran outside to play. It was one of my most proud moments as a mother. Like I knew what I was doing. Now you don't always want to eat all of your food, but you eat as many bites as I ask you too. Unless it's pepperoni pizza, you eat that until your pot belly is bursting at the seams.

You continue to be everything I need, and if you are well rested you are happy. You make our home just busting with chaos, the kind of chaos that we live for. Whether your playing with Stella or talking to my belly it's all pretty cute. You are really good at cruising around on your strider bike, way better than Stella ever was on that thing. You love it, especially if you get to wear your helmet. You could be outside all day long if the wind didn't blow, you hate the wind with every little fiber in your soul. You sit at the back door watching the tree to see when it will stop blowing so you can go outside. Ruby Red Dress, you are so loved. Don't ever forget it.
love love

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