Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Morning Tennis

The Tolberts' are rather competitive. Well, most of them are, I am not so much. But over breakfast this morning at Kneaders, a lot of trash talk over who was the family tennis champion started.
(Keep in mind that really other than my Dad who played a lot of tennis in his early days nobody else plays that much. I used to play a lot and Micall and TJ have started.)
We met at the tennis courts for a family round robin. Nobody but my Dad knows how to keep score or really play so he had the advantage. Pretty much it was hilarious, and very serious business for a Saturday morning.
Brian officially won, and I am certain there will be a rematch very soon.

love love


  1. Your family cracks me up.
    If they ever want some "real" tennis lessons... I'm always for hire. :)
    Love you guys and so happy about your little bun in the oven. When's you're due date?

  2. I love this post! You look so cute out there swingin your racket. And that tan line...I don't even know how that is possible! Miss you.