Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Photos

We have long since tried to hire a photographer for family photos; it's just to embarrassing. Somebody is showing off his assets and causing the rest of us to laugh, then my dad is mad because we can't be serious. Usually someone gets punched and I pee my pants in laughter. But while we were in Wyoming for a week of family togetherness I requested a photo to happen. There were guns, potguts, tantrums and awkward photos galore. So pretty much exactly what I expected. We did end up with a couple of good photos out of the 493 that were taken. The rest of them are ridiculous. Seriously. But really, have you met the Tolbert's? Who am I kidding, we are ridiculous.

Here we are looking like a normal put together family who is not twisted and ridiculous...(Also, I gave up trying to coordinate clothing and attire, it just aggravates them.)

Here is what the rest of the photos looked like...
Until next year when I attempt to take a family photo...
love love


  1. haha! The one with your dad holding a gun, while "putting out the vibe" with his popped leg....lovely! These are classic.

  2. I want to be in your family!