Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacation Blog Post

Did I forget to mention we were going on vacation for a week? Oh that's because my life is pretty much a vacation so keeping track of the ones that are officially planned are difficult. Micall and TJ were home from Washington so we, Tolbert's, escaped to the barn. The barn is pretty fantastic and no longer really a barn. It sleeps like nearly 30 in beds and is purely fantastic. It's nestled next to the Hoback river in Bondurant WY; which is about 30 minutes outside of Jackson.
It looks like this:
Now you know what I'm talking about and I'll go back to referring to it as "the barn" and you can pretend you know where and what that is... mm k?
We all decided last minute to arrive a day early because we just love spending so much time with one another that we needed another full day together. (Remember how twisted the Tolbert's are?) We pretty much just puttered and geared up for a week of mules, bikes, work projects, guns and food. You totally need a single day of preparation for stuff like that. The best part? Grandma Beth volunteered to watch Stella, Ruby, Finley and Eliza while we went to Jackson for the preparations of the week. We didn't spend much time in Jackson though, who wants to go there during the week of America's birth? Tourists living the American dream do, we do not. Not at all. So we retreated back to the barn and enjoyed the sunset and good conversation.  Now that I think about it that's pretty much all I did this vacation, enjoyed the barn, good conversation and took a lot of photos. Here are a few!

Can we just talk about buck rail fences? Aren't they best?! Be prepared for dozens of photos with buck rail fences.

 Oh hey, Ruby does look like a Tolbert!

Don't you worry there will be several more posts about pretty much this same thing. Me rambling on about nothing and then a blast of photos.
love love

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