Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vacation Blog Post pt 2

While at the barn I pretty much just took pictures, wrangled children (Waycee is really difficult) and ate food. I didn't even bring a pair of pants. But everyone else was busy busy. After what was is being coined as "the greatest road bike ride ever" the boys and Micall rested and then geared up for a family mule ride. There were lot's of game planning and strategics going on. Getting 4 little girls on mules isn't for the weak. Well I didn't really help with any of that, because I didn't bring any pants. But my shutter finger was ready.
Kevin has asked that I not blog about "the greatest road bike ride ever". He finished it, after completely and sadly bonking the last 9 miles of the 55 mile ride from the town square of Jackson, (with all the tourists) out through Kelly and up to Jenny Lake and back. It was a sad sight to see my husband that afternoon. But after we forced some protein and sugar in him and he napped a little he was ready to go. As Hunter so politely put it, "I had no idea he was hurting so badly, he just kept smiling the entire way through it until he couldn't go anymore, then he just went blank." Cute, Kevin even suffers silently and politely. Can  you say keeper?
The little girls were so excited to go on a mule ride. I mean so excited. Finley and Eliza have ridden a lot more than my girls, I think that every other weekend thing is a scheduling conflict. So they were even more excited to be going with each other. We geared them up in their boots and jeans and tried to keep them calm and quiet while the rest of the mules were saddled and ready to go. Some people wrangle mules, I wrangle children. No small feat I tell you.  The ride went off without a hitch. Except for that part where Stella doesn't know how to balance on a mule, it jumped a river, she fell off into Grandpa Trace's horse, he then so graciously caught her by the pony tail and lifted her back up on the saddle and continued onward as if nothing had happened. Smooth sailing from then on out. Stella prayed that night that Latigo, (the mule), wouldn't jump anymore rivers because it hurts her hair. I think the most impressive part of the junk show was yours truly running down the dirt road so I could capture all the priceless photographs. I was real tired afterwards. It was worth it though, seeing Grandpa and his girls heading out on mules was classic. Photos anyone?

These two were ready to go! 

P.S.-- Kevin loves riding mules. Like secretly, not so secretly, loves riding mules.
Ruby was excited...

buck rail fences!!!
Micall didn't think my photographing was very nice...

Ruby kept saying, "I riding a muuule mom! I riding a muuule." Technically I think she is riding a horse...

After looking at these pictures, I think next time I will bring pants. Even if I have to hack up an old pair and insert a maternity panel. (I totally rocked that maternity panel pair of wranglers in the wilderness for 7 days when pregnant with Stella. Rocked it I tell you!)
Oh have you seen this baby bump? 23 weeks.
Belly bigger than boobs! For the win!

Stayed tuned for more buck rail fences and the day we were tourists at the national park...
love love

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  1. Ok, where to start... I freaking LOVE that Stella and Fin are riding mules by themselves. Bravo and so brave. Also, I LOL'd - like for reals - about your dad grabbing Stella by the hair and tossing her back up on the mule... I can picture it now. And not to be wierd or anything but man your dad is a handsome cowboy. Your family rocks. Miss you all.