Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Forcing the nesting

I interrupt my thrilling blog posts of vacationing to welcome myself back to real life. We came home from the barn a day after everyone because our car broke down. yep. it broke. like real deal they are replacing the entire engine with a new one kind of broke. bummer right? It broke on Thursday of our vacation and we had to rent a car to get us a home. The broken car will maybe be fixed next week. maybe. But on a sadder note, (sadder than our 18 month old car having to have the entire engine replaced because it just died while in the middle of our all American vacation? yes sadder than that, and yes I'm allowed to be dramatic.) The girls are leaving today to visit their grandparents in Denver. For a week. Last summer when they went for a week, it was sad, but OK because I, ya know, went to an office. Now "my work" is leaving me for a week and I have been really liking those little girls lately. I'm not sure what I am going to do with all of my time by myself. I am predicting that after day three I will be bored. So I've armed myself with projects and am forcing the nesting hormone to kick in.

I'm going to sew.

Yep. I ordered the fabric online a couple of weeks ago, (I am still terrified of fabric stores) and have all my plans to move the girls into the basement bedroom together while they are gone. I'm going to make fabric headboards and SEW new duvet covers for them. The headboards don't scare me at all, plywood and a staple gun? easy peasy. Sewing 4 straight lines? Scares the crap out of me. Like seriously. So I'm going to ease into it by, well, procrastinating those 4 straight lines as much as possible and probably get them finished 2 hours before they come home. And by finished I mean my mother will most likely rip them apart and quickly redo them while I'm in the corner breathing into a brown paper sack.

Until then I will be longing for my girls and hoping they are having the best time!

love love

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  1. You'll do great! Oh, take pictures of all your work when you're finished, I would LOVE to see!