Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation Blog Post pt 3

I'm not really sure how many parts of this vacation blogging there will be, but for sure a couple more. It was a really good vacation.
Did you know that somewhere between Bondurant and Hoback there are some really fantastic hot springs? Not like the kind you used to sneak into as a teenager; and when you came back home your mother knew exactly where you had been because she could smell the rotten eggs from a mile away? Oh you didn't sneak into hot pots as teenagers? Huh. That's weird. These hot springs in Wyoming know whats up. They don't even stink at all! In fact they've made them into a pool where the average temperature is about 100 degrees. Stella says it was her happiest of happy for the whole vacation. That's a pretty big happy. Guess what the best part about the hot springs are? The view driving up there. 10 miles of dirt road through some seriously pretty country. And can you say buck rail fences?!!!
 I'm not exactly sure why I think they are so cool, they just are...

 These little girls LOVE their Hunter...

 The girls just motored around with their life jackets going from TJ to Hunter back to their dad's. Swimming is so much more fun with Dad's.

 The hot springs are the best $6 you could spend near Hoback. For sure.

love love

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