Friday, July 13, 2012

Vacation Blog Post pt 4

Have you been waiting anxiously for the day we ventured into the national park? You should be on the edge of your seat, it was that exciting.
Our little family decided against the epic mule ride and the bike race and opted for  Jenny Lake. Kevin was in a bit of a fog while riding his bicycle around the lake he wanted to go back in a more coherent state. We wandered into town had lunch and I got my shutter finger ready for those Tetons. The girls were so excited for a chariot ride that it pretty much didn't matter where we were going, as long as they were cruising in that thing they were set. Then when they discovered we were going to throw rocks in a lake they were ecstatic. I guess throwing rocks into water is an upgrade from just throwing rocks. Who knew...

I guess having an All-American vacation could be worse, the view could be terrible...

love love

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