Friday, June 8, 2012


What do you suggest a stay at home mother of two adorable little girls do all the day long? Well since we played hooky and made cinnamon rolls and maybe played a quick 9 holes of golf yesterday, we might as well play hooky again today right?? (I could probably just stop saying "Playing hooky". I mean this is my new life, and "activities" such as bonding with a grandparent and making cinnamon rolls for those you love, yes Brian and your darling wife, is part of teaching young children to grow up and be well rounded and productive members of society... Nah, I like thinking I'm still playing hooky, it's just so much more exciting.)
So we played hooky today. But I showered and shaved my legs, so it totally counts as a productive day. I decided that the zoo would be too hot on a day like today, the daunting miles of concrete and screaming children was just to much for me. So much so that I was willing to send my four year old with someone much kinder and more patient than I was to the zoo. While I sat at home and played puzzles with Ruby. But I thought better of myself and spared Heather the opportunity to wrangle 3 children and a pregnant belly (that is about to pop in days).
We discovered the splash pad. Oh the splash pad how I love you. A nice bench, snacks, cold diet coke within reach and fountains among fountains for little ones to hesitantly run through. Seriously I'm making it a weekly activity and starting a petition for Heber Valley to install one asap. Whose with me?

 Don't go to this splash pad though, I don't want it to get all crowded and ruin it's curb appeal...
love love


  1. Splash pads are seriously EVERYWHERE in Louisville. It is so stinkin' awesome. We are big big fans. :)

  2. yeah, we totally need one in heber. I'll sign a petition and picket main street. Where's this one? Is this the one in PC I've been hearing about? I'll have to check it out.

    1. It's at the river woods, but where is the PC one??

    2. It's at the river woods, but where is the PC one??