Monday, June 11, 2012

Time Management

Mondays. Oh Mondays. I usually do the wash on Mondays. It's amazing how many clothes we all wear through out the week.
OK, well not Ruby. She is into NOT wearing any clothes at all. Potty Training has completely liberated her. This morning I had her dressed 3 times before I could get her to keep her clothes on. That child... When she did have clothes on, it was a bright yellow tank top that was a size to big and last years shorts that were to small. And to top it off, rain boots. Yes you have the right visual, long tank top in fluorescent yellow, denim shorts to short and rain boots up to her knees. Telling everyone that it is not good to go pee in your panies. Right.
Anyway. Today I wrote down my to do list. The grocery store, the laundry, the flower beds, then cleaning the house, with Clorox. Our house is always very very tidy, (that husbands OCD comes in very handy sometime) But it was time to cleanse it from top to bottom. Except you guys, that Mr. Tim Cook announced all things groovy over at Apple today and I got sucked in. Like really sucked in... With no excuse to follow it so closely. And I looked at the clock and was reminded that I have to have the laundry folded by 5, should plant those remaining petunias, along with dinner made and I should put a bra on.
I get it now. I get how being a stay at home mom is busy. The children are time consuming. A task of sorting the laundry is now difficult because they are asking a million questions and rearranging your piles. Cleaning the toilets is not affective when they keep using the bathroom when I put the cleaner in the toilet bowl. And the grocery store, oh don't get me started with how slow it is to grocery shop with children.
I gotta get better at this time management business otherwise I'm never going to get anything done. Except put a bra on, I really need to do that one.

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  1. :) Gotta love when the littles want to help with the chores.

    And I can't tell you how many times that giant pile of clean laundry that has been building on my bed throughout the day has ended up back in baskets at night because I just ran out of time (or energy...let's be honest) to fold it. ps. a pack n play makes a great GIANT holding place for clean laundry that didn't get folded before bedtime...

    Tomorrow is always another day. :)

  2. Love your blog, Tehmi.