Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Update: June Bug

Oh Miss June Bug. You are such a funny little thing. We are learning to ease back into life together. at home daily. all day long. me and you. You are such a lover. I had no idea anyone could come out of the womb so kind, so compassionate and tender. You had this conversation with Kevin a month or so ago. I was lucky enough to be in the kitchen when it occurred...

Stella: "Dad, we need to talk. On the couch, just me and you. I need to tell you something"
Kevin: "OK Stella, what's going on?" {I'm certain flash forwards of her teenage years are flooding his mind and he nearly pees his pants with concern}
Stella: "Well, you know this boy Wyatt? I just can't help it anymore, I'm a Lover. I love him"
Kevin: "... ... Stella, you can't love boys when you are four years old. I won't let it happen."
Stella: "Dad! I told you, I CAN'T HELP IT! I'M A LOVER!!"
Kevin: {Completely dumbfounded at this conversation}"Stella, you can be a lover, but you can't have any boyfriends or kiss any boys besides your family until you are old. Like really old."
Stella: "I'm a lover. It's not how we function." {She then kisses his forehead and walks away.}
I'm certain he hasn't gotten any sleep since this conversation.

You love everything. You love Ruby. You love the baby brother, whom you've named and refuse to call him anything other than that. You love your Heavenly Father and ask nearly daily when you will get to see him again, because you miss him. I guess in your mind you have more than one dad, so adding a Heavenly Father that you could miss daily is completely understandable. You are a little mother. You speak for Ruby and thrive at the chance to get her a bowl of cereal in the morning. You just want to be responsible and take any responsibility I give you very seriously. 
 We constantly battle over the speed of how you do things. Nothing you do is quickly. I'm quite certain you are the worlds slowest eater. It takes you 45 minutes to eat a hot dog. It makes dinner time less enjoyable when we are constantly asking you to finish eating instead of day dreaming. You just tend to get distracted with your own thoughts and dreams. Sometimes I wonder what has you off in lala land, but I refrain from asking for fear of more lover conversations. 
You like to be dressed and look pretty. If you don't think your outfit is a "pretty outfit" there is no way you are wearing it. You also like to have big bows in your hair where you can twirl around and your hair stays out of your eyes. 
Basically we are terrified for your teenage years. The drama, the emotion, the tender heart can not do well during those junior high years. I guess we have a few years until then and we can continue to prepare.
You are so loved June.
love love


  1. I just read this to Kyle and he says, "Poor Kevin"

    Hilarious. I love Stella the lover.

  2. Its been YEARS since we have spoken, and not exactly sure how I came upon your blog- but I LOVE reading it!! You have 2 adorable girls and looks like life is treating you well!! Keep on blogging girl!