Saturday, June 16, 2012

A ramble from my subconscious.

Guys. That husband of mine is such a keeper. I was thinking in my sleep as we were driving home last night, (what you guys don't compile blog posts in your subconscious? I also plan dinner there as well. you should try it sometime)
I was thinking about the day I got to spend with him and how pretty much he's perfect. He helped me out in so many ways, without a fuss, without a sigh or a snarky comment. He just was there. He was there in ways like this...
- he ran to the store to get me dental floss at 8am. Because you can't cut cinnamon rolls with floss swords. (And I hate running to the store mid baking project.)
- he bathed the girls, and left the bathroom drenched. I mean really drenched
- he took me to rumbi because he knew I needed to eat something and I didn't want to eat, I wanted to see baby Waycee. (i'm so glad that he made me eat, the next opportunity would have been 4 hours later and I would have been a freaking wreck.)
- he let me hold baby Waycee the entire time we saw her.
- he held my hand and asked all the important questions at our ultrasound so that I could just sit and watch our baby boy wiggle and wave.
- he reminded me that I shouldn't eat sushi but I could have fish at Market Street. (I love Market Street)
- he then was excited to go eat, spontaneously, with my parents downtown on our hot Friday night date. (at Market Street :) )
- he endured shopping for maternity jeans, and said all the right things about how tiny I am and he thinks I'm beautiful even though I'm convinced that I can't see my toes already.
- he saw moonrise kingdom with all the hipsters, and let me go to the later showing because it was sold out earlier. (GO SEE MOONRISE KINGDOM. Best movie ever)
- then he drove me home and let me fall asleep in the car immediately.
Did I mention he did all of these things without me even having to ask him?
I'm not exactly sure how I got so lucky, but he's is a dream and I'm not even sharing him, he's all mine.
love love

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