Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2 Part Celebrations

We are a family where we always get to celebrate holidays and birthdays twice. I've come to accept that sometimes Christmas morning happens the 26th of December instead of the 25th. Father's Day is the one holiday that we never get to celebrate on it's official day and that's ok, we just celebrate it the day after. When we were stocking up on balloons at the store yesterday that lovely checker was appalled that we were a day late to celebrate father's day, as if I had forgotten. Stella promptly smiled and said, "I have 2 dads so I get to have 2 Fathers Day parties!" I couldn't have said it better. And let's be honest, I'm pretty notorious for celebrating birthdays and holidays for days on end, and if I don't like the way it was celebrated the first time, we have a do-over. You should try it, it's way more fun that way, plus if you have a Kevin he will buy you twice as many presents :) (although those are technically against the rules of a do-over)

So we celebrated officially yesterday, and no do-over was necessary. This is one celebration I harnessed myself and let the girls pick out everything and tried to let them do it all themselves. Stella had grand plans for celebrating, including the desire to make everything fancy. She wanted fancy clothes, fancy dinner, fancy hair- the works. She colored lots of pictures and decided that he needed some sprucing up at his office, mostly in the candy department. The girls picked out lots of candy and Root Beer and of course a plant. Because, duh, he needs fresh air sometimes. Then the girls helped me make a Banana Cream Pie, all while singing "I'm so glad when daddy comes home". We almost had Ruby singing the whole song.  When Kev came home from work the girls sang to him as loud as possible, (I'm pretty sure better than they did in church the day before), and spoiled him rotten. We are pretty spoiled to have him. He adores and loves our girls as if we were able to have one father's day celebration and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank my Heavenly Father for him. We are so lucky.

We are pretty grateful to have lot's of dad's in our lives and I can't imagine where we'd be without them. They've shaped and molded us into the people we are today. I look up to my dad in so many ways, he has taught me how to be a good person, how to work hard and think for myself. He has taught me how to have fun in life and that without family around, it's just not that much fun. And without your family on a ski day, it just isn't worth going sometimes. Thanks Dad for working hard to make sure we all like each other and want to spend our days giving each other crap.

love love

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