Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a sunday hike

I didn't want to go to church on Sunday. I didn't. I tried to pawn my guilt over it to Kevin, telling him he didn't have to go to church on Sunday, but he of course said he was going to church. I hate sitting in Sacrament meeting watching all the primary kids sing how happy they are that their dad came home and knowing that Kevin will never get to see the girls sing that to him in church. I pulled the "I'm a little emotional because I miss the girls and I'm GROWING a baby" card and turned the alarms off and we snuggled instead. By the time Kevin woke up it was after 9am and the important part of church was already over. So he hopped out of bed and decided that we were going on a hike. Since I had already conned him out of church and it was Father's Day, I was stuck. A hike is where we were going. I, typically, am not a hiker, there is usually dirt and I struggle with dirt. But as always, that husband of mine knew what I needed and we had the best time. We drove down to Sundance and stocked up on sandwiches and then hiked to Stewart Falls. We were by ourselves in the crisp air of the mountains. I took a million pictures and drank lots of water and fell in love with the mountains all over again. We talked and talked and hiked and I didn't even mind that I was getting all dirty. And even though it was just two miles in and two miles out, I was pretty tired. It was seriously the best thing to do instead of going to church.

love love