Monday, August 13, 2012

me and the vacuum

I have one of those Dyson ball vacuums. You know the one? It's amazing and I bought it for myself as a "Happy Divorce you can spend money on a vacuum because you can and having a good vacuum makes the chore of vacuuming fun!" ( a little mary poppins like, I know). And I do enjoy vacuuming, or maybe just seeing those vacuum lines.
But then it got clogged, and I couldn't use the hose, which made vacuuming those stairs a total pain. So in a fury of frustration I took to the vacuum with a dowel, hanger and a garbage bag. I took apart the whole thing only to find a skittles candy wrapper was blocking all the good suction power. Me and my pregnant belly used every hanger, knife, dowel, strange metal rod thing, and we got that stupid wrapper out. Now my vacuum is like a dream again.
And when I was done and I was able to vacuum the stairs and the dirty air vents and all those gross things. I was so excited to tell Kevin. I sent him like 3 texts to tell him all about my fight with the vacuum. I was genuinely excited and proud that I had taken apart the vacuum and fixed it. 

You guys. I have transitioned to being a stay at home mom. 

Not only did I get so excited and feel so triumphant over that skittles wrapper, I text my husband and expected him to be as excited about it. And now I am blogging about it.

Sad. This is so sad.

But seriously, my vacuum works again! (and this might be the worst blog post I have ever written. sorry dad.)

love love

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  1. Best blog post ever! Someone had to say it ;)