Saturday, August 4, 2012

just a ramble

We've had one of those busy summers, (is there a summer where its not busy?) and my days have been consumed with a slight tendency to nest. So much so that when Kevin leaves in the morning he wakes me up and says "Please, please don't over do it today." I think we are having a communication error one what exactly constitutes "over doing it". But regardless when I crawl into bed at night its followed with a heavy sigh and all the dramatics. Seriously this kid I'm growing feels huge and he's sitting in all the wrong ways. All the ways that cause sighs and dramatic pauses. I stood up after dinner the other night and my entire leg gave way. Graceful. So graceful.
Apparently we are having a sciatic situation. Regardless he is growing, and ahead of schedule according to my doctor. Kevin assures me that baby boy won't be bigger than he was. I assure Kevin that he needs to be much much smaller than he was, 13 pounds isn't going to work for me. Seriously. Not. Going. To. Work. For. Me.
In all my baby growing days we are really just spending time with the girls. I've moved them downstairs in the basement together and it's been an adjustment. But I've had the most fun decorating their room, and every day I've dream up some new project that will be perfect down there. Kevin had no idea I was so crafty. I've just never had so much time to expose my inner craftiness. And I guess that's what stay at home mom's do.

Anyway, here's what my iphone say's we've been doing...

love love

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  1. Love their room!! So cute!! Looks like you decided to brave a fabric store- good for you!!