Friday, August 3, 2012

The First Date

Nearly two years ago I was set up on a blind date. My divorce was final, my hair was working for me, I had a new pair of jeans that fit like a dream and I was in a really good place. People were setting me up on blind dates left and right, and my only pre-requiste was they had to be grown ups and tall. Some people would be wary of dating again, but I was looking at it like, hey it's a free meal and something to do when my girls were gone. My best friend Ash assured me she had this really great cousin who was a total grown up and like a giant and divorced, and that we would go on a double date. Total win win for me, dinner with Ash and a reason to wear my new pair of jeans. So he called and we had what one would expect to be an awkward conversation. Except it wasn't awkward. And I didn't realize it until a week later when someone else did the same thing and it was totally. "Hey, so um, I think we should go out on a date... wanna meet me in Salt Lake cause um... Heber is kind of far away... ... ... ..." how much the phone call with Kevin wasn't awkward.
It was like a really great easy phone call. "Hi, this is Kevin, Ashley's cousin? I was wondering if we could go to dinner in Park City this weekend? Could I pick you up on Saturday night at 6?" And of course I replied with charming answers and he was prompt to pick me up at 6:02pm that Saturday. I invited him in and grabbed my purse. I remember him wandering around looking at the pictures of the girls and him asking all about them. He opened my door and his really old car was clean. We drove to Park City and talked all about essentials. I was in charge of picking the restaurant. (I hate picking the restaurant.)
Dinner was fabulous, we wandered the lights of main street, sipped hot chocolate on a park bench and talked and talked like we had forgotten how to breathe. When the temperatures dropped to shivering he walked us back to the car, holding my hand. He opened my door and we drove home. As we approached the Heber Valley he asked, "what can we do next?" (I couldn't exactly invite him back to my place, I had standards) and Heber isn't exactly a hopping night time venue. But there was a metor shower that night so we went to the golf course were we could watch. Of course he had a blanket in the trunk of his car, apparently he is an Eagle Scout. We found our way to #10 Fairway and watched the shooting stars. So romantic right?

Except I had to pee.

Like cold sweats, shaking, I'm going to pee my pants kind of pee.
As we watched the stars and I thought about my options. I could try and make it back to the car, but there wasn't a guarantee that I could, especially since the closest gas station was in town.
 I could walk across the fairway behind the trees to the sand trap and make him turn around. So I weighed my options, but didn't have much time to decide, I HAD TO PEE.
I went with option number 2.
My next obstacle was to break the news to this man that I had only met a few hours ago and had the best first date one could ask for that I was about to walk 50 yards away into a sand trap and pee. My grandma would be so proud. So I did. And the look on his face was priceless. He was a little shocked, a little grossed out, a little charmed, and not opposing my game plan. So I harnessed myself enough to walk across the fairway, thinking, "well, I guess if my bladder is going to be a problem for him, now is the time to be aware that I often have to pee." It was the new Walk of Shame.
To my suprise after returning from the sand trap he was still there, and acting as if nothing awkward or strange had happened. First sign he was a keeper.
We stayed until the sprinklers turned on and he took me home. He walked me to the door, waited for me to open the door, only to find it locked. And I didn't have any keys. Then he hoisted me through an opened window so I could get in.


He gave me a hug good night and asked me out right then for the following Thursday. And we've been dating since then.

(I have no idea what prompted me to write this down, or even publish it. Except that someday I want to teach my girls when dating, make sure the young man picks you up, opens your car door and to pee at the restaurant before going home.)

love love

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  1. Love this!! I just love you two and I get CAPTIVATED by your writing- keep it up!