Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camp Ivanhoe pt 2

At first I was rather skeptical of craft day at a 72 hour family reunion. I mean really crafts? Like are we making dream catchers and boon-dongles? So I harnessed myself for that part... I mean I don't know these people yet, I needed to harness my sideways comments until, ya know, at least they got to know me.
Guess what craft day means? Endless ways for the grandparents to entertain the children because their parents have taken off on the four wheelers for hours on end. And since we've already discussed the reasons why I don't four wheel, I was there for the crafting. Sort of. I was hiding behind my camera.
Apparently tying a quilt is necessary...

Then the adults came back and they played this game... I was unsure what was going on. But there were tennis balls, cheetos and oreos so who really knows.

Next year I am totally bringing boon-dongles. I was a little disappointed that there weren't any there. But really happy that people brought stuff to entertain my kids with. I could only watch them play in the dirt for so long.
Luckily next year I won't need to stress out so much about camping, cause this is the type of camping I can get on board with.

Love Love

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