Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camp Ivanhoe

I have this problem. It's a small minor problem, that really only flares up in certain situations.
I don't like to be dirty.
Like that kind of dirty that comes from dust or the film on your car if you haven't washed it in a while. You know the fine film of dirt that comes from petting a dog or riding a four wheeler? Can't do it. My fists get all clenched up tight and my jaw tightens, and until I can clean off the film of dirt I can't unclench my fists. So you know, it's no big deal. We just don't own dogs or go four wheeling and I keep a solid supply of baby wipes on hand. But let's also just say that we don't go camping. It's not that I haven't been or anything. I just well, it seems like a lot of work to just have my fists clenched the entire time. (I also understand that this is a very long and overly dramatic introduction to a post that will mostly just be photos, just deal OK?)
Every other year the Brimhalls' have a family reunion down south where camping and four wheeling is what they do. So I spent a lot of days harnessing myself for some serious camping, filled out my questionnaire and RSVP'd for all the meals and crafts we would be attending. (Yes those were questions on the documents that were emailed around 2 months ago.) and I even withheld most of my sarcastic comments about the whole ordeal. And let's be honest, that was harder than dealing with the dirt.
So I went. Camping. In a tent. With a toddler and 4 year old. Pregnant. With a smile on. (Wife of the year.) I gathered up all of the camping gear I could find at our house, which was pretty much just wet wipes, bug spray, flash flights and my Carhartt gear. Yes, I might not get dirty often or go camping ever but I have a Carhartt coat, and overalls and so do my children. Then my mom gathered up sleeping bags and pads for us and we were off. (Thanks mom for the sleeping bags!)

Guess what? It wasn't even dirty! There was grass!! And it wasn't hot, the cloud cover was perfect, it rained in the afternoon and the nights were just cool enough to sleep like a dream. I immediately relaxed and settled into meeting a lot of Kevin's extended family, good conversation flowed, cookies were passed around and my shutter finger started snapping away...

Big Rock Candy Mountain...
Tents! On the grass! With no rocks underneath my sleeping pads!
The girls did really well sleeping in sleeping bags... I was impressed.

Also, Kevin has the most hair out of his brothers or his dad.  Just saying...
It was a great weekend camping trip! Kevin went four wheeling and came back so dirty that my hands were clenched for him, but he hosed off and I relaxed. The food was great, the snacks were better and again, the weather... It was perfect. And why not have another 2 part blog post?
Tomorrow I'll ramble on about the crafts... Yes, the crafts. Stay tuned!

love love

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  1. oh! I can't wait to hear about the crafts! (this is always the point of the family reunion in which I wander off into the woods alone instead of making another beaded necklace). You are a brave lady, Tehm. love love