Monday, July 23, 2012


At this very moment I'm fighting with the children. Yes, fighting, like Ruby is screaming "ARGH-AHHH-ARGH-AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" at me and I am screaming "ARGH-AHHH-ARGH-AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" back at her. It's a very peaceful calm household these days. You should come over and watch, I'm sure it's rather comical.
They are coming down from the highest of highs over the last few weeks and this week has been scheduled as a reality check for both of them. We went to Bondurant for a week, then they came home for a 15 hours,  then went to Denver for 8 days with their Dad, then they came home for 12 hours and we went back to Bondurant to pick up the car, then we came home 24 hours later and spent 18 hours home and then went camping for the weekend. Yes. It's the 23rd of July and they have spent 3 days in their beds. Who decided that was a good idea? Never again.
They are supposedly taking naps right now and I'm going to embrace the calm before they wake up and we are fighting again about talking back and picking up toys and all my stored up patience is gone.
There will be a few major posts scheduled this week, like how I sewed succesfully and went camping. Yes, I sewed not 1, but 2 duvet covers for my daughters that I am fighting with; AND I went camping.  Camping in a tent for 2 days. Big things you guys, big things!
Until then I am going to fall asleep on the couch and dream about the day that J.Crew makes maternity clothes..
Love Love

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  1. love your true honesty. Isn't life bliss? ha! glad you had a good summer. I am constantly amazed at how many projects you are working on!! I just scrolled through your other posts and they all turned out beautifully. love hearing about the reality check. we are moving home to the states and I'm about to get a reality check as well....