Friday, August 31, 2012

Proud and Exhausted

This week has been one of a funk. The seasons seem to be changing, the leaves are turning, the night air is crisp, football has started and deer hunts have begun. Except the earth is still burning hot here. I do not love the heat and am so ready for it to go away. I am ready for jeans and boots and this baby to be done growing.
That perfect toddler I had last week ran away and left me with a whiny, combustable two year old. One who is darling one second jabbering on about one thing or another and then the next second is laying on the ground crying. For no reason. You should stop by sometime, its super fun around here.

Mostly though, we've been spending our time outside in the cool mornings and evenings watching Stella ride her bike. Last year she figured it out, then got scared and wouldn't do it again. So we put training wheels on the bike and she did it for a while earlier this summer. After a weekend with her dad though, the training wheels came off and she refused to ride it again. I was over trying to teach her, over the fight, over the dramatics it was taking just to get her to straddle the whole thing. But after one more weekend at her dad's and one final melt down she figured it out.
She Rides from Vimeo.

She has never been more proud of herself and neither have I. She arrives at my bedside at 6:30 in the morning with her helmet on waiting for me to go outside and watch her ride her bike.
She is hooked. Even after a skinned up elbow and knee she still is riding it all day long.

Now if we could just get Ms. Red Dress to calm the hek down we would be in business around here.

love love

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