Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,
I am finding myself awake in the early morning hours feeling you move around my growing belly. I'm sure it's a precursor to our late night moments when you arrive. Some nights I am frustrated that I am awake and some nights, like last night, I lay there just feeling you. Like you are talking to me, trying to tell me something and I just can't quite understand what it is your trying to say. 
We are starting to count down the weeks until your arrival and I'm not sure who is more excited, your sisters or your dad. Ruby spends her mornings snuggled in bed with you and I. She used to tell me all about her night's sleep and the adventures in her dreams, but now she lays her head on my belly so she can tell you all about them. If I would let Stella, she would hug my belly, trying to hug you, every time she left the room. They color you pictures and sing songs daily, just waiting for you to play with them. You aren't even here yet and already you are so admired. 
Your dad is so excited and nervous at the same time. He has been holding your cousin Waycee every chance he gets just so he will be comfortable holding you. He is reading every article on your growth and spending the nights with his arm over my belly just feeling you. 
I am counting down the days until you are wiggling outside instead of inside. I know life will be easier with you inside, I'll have two free hands and going places is a lot less complicated. But regardless, I am ready to meet you. I am ready to show you the life we have here and to teach you. 
Until then though, know that we are anxiously and excitedly waiting and dreaming of you.
You are so loved. 

love love

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