Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A little rambling...

And now I begin rambling about nothing...
  • It's October! which means I should have a baby this month!!
  • Baby boy has finally flipped around and is no longer breech
  • Along with flipping he has dropped! Glory be! I can breathe!
  • I just used a lot of exclamation points, sorry about that...
  • Ruby forgot how to be potty trained this week. Awesome right?
  • The new Mumford and Sons album is out of this world... 
  • I figured out how to crochet!!! Now I just have to work on the sizing.
  • Today was backwards day at school, and Stella was struggling to have her clothes on backwards. She told me it was unnatural.
  • Kevin got hit by a car on his bicycle. I guess it's better to get it out of the way now rather than later?
  • He is fine though...
  • We watched every minute of the Ryder Cup coverage this past weekend. So sad.
  • I am struggling to complete any task these days, my ADD is in full force.
  • Ruby asked for a napkin so she could hold the chalk while she colored. 
  • Her hands were clenched until I was able to wipe them off. 
  • Good gosh I love fall weather! 
  • I've received a dozen text messages of people showing me their crusty bread photos. Everyone is making it! Love it!
  • I feel a hundred times better since the weather became cooler and mostly since the baby dropped out of my ribs. It's fantastic, seriously. 
  • I miss Ashley...
  • Stella has taken it upon herself to teach Ruby everything there is to know about being a big sister. She has a list of tasks they are working on, including making the bed and flushing the toilet. 
  • I'm attempting another sewing project... I know right?
And that concludes this weeks ramble! 

love love


  1. I love the ramble!! It makes me feel like I got to know you in less than a minutes time. I hope you have a wonderful easy delivery. I hope the other one gets re-potty trained rather quickly. :)