Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Every Saturday morning at 6:30, there is a group of guys that tour the Heber valley on bicycles. You can believe that more yapping than riding actually happens. These guys have really pushed Kevin to ride more and more. So much so that he willingly signed up for the first annual Bon-d-Jac. And really can you imagine a pretty 100 miles to ride? I have been to a few bike races and rides in my day and I promise you that I have never seen a more beautiful course. The weather held out, the rain didn't fall and the temperatures stayed steady at around 50 degrees. 

 Bon-d-Jac is a hundred mile ride from the center of Jackson, WY out to Kelly, then Moose Junction, up and around Jenny Lake, out to Teton Village then to Wilson and that's where I stopped paying attention because they no longer needed support, they just needed to finish. But I know they had to do another 20 miles from there, so I'm guessing they went out to the outskirts of Jackson and then came back. Also, Bon-d-Jac is something Trace and Alan made up and executed beautifully. 

Unfortunately I failed as the official photographer of the event, because about 100 yards before this photo was taken they rode through a giant herd of buffalos. Fail on my part.

Bobby, as always, is really happy to be there.

Shawn Kelly is real strong...

I would really like to thank those that wore neon, even though you looked like a scuba diver, I could always find you and as the support crew I appreciate that.


Brian, ride leader and organizer setting the pace.

 Amazing how they were all smiling all the time. Well until about mile 85, then they were a little tired.

Mr. Bobby Salazar, Tyler Bluth and Trace motoring along up to Jenny Lake.

For the record, I ran across the parking lot and down the path looking like an idiot to get this photograph. Which wouldn't be a big deal except I'm nine months pregnant. And it was worth every step.

Does it get prettier than that in October?

Trace, the official time and milage keeper, strolls into the finish spot at 101.2 miles. And he is still smiling. Success!

Clearly you can see that Deb and I's support truck was full of food and an opportunity to yap, because the actual ride time was about six hours. Which means that they spent three hours eating fig newtons and orange slices.
I can't wait to ride in the second annual Bon-d-Jac ride, well at least the parts I want to ride in. Thanks to all those who rode, helped support. And a huge thanks to the Tolbert's for hosting it all. It made for an exceptional weekend.

love love

 then, she {snapped}

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  1. I have never before seen a sea foam green racing bike. Cheers to Kevin.