Monday, October 1, 2012

Month 33

Oh Miss Ruby Maine,

As our last months of life with just girls is winding down, a little part of me is getting sad. Sad to see my days alone with just you come to an end. Then you snuggle up next to me and tell stories to my swollen belly, you tell your little brother all about life outside and I am no longer sad. I am so excited. So excited to watch you fall more in love with him. I imagine it will be like your love for Grandpa Trace and Uncle Hunter. You fell in love with them long ago, snuggled in their arms morning and night. They held you as you grew through your wardrobe and as I gathered the pieces of our life back together. You healed everyones heart with your big eyes; and as we settled into life with just us girls, your heart still belonged to those boys, those silly boys. You came to love your dad Trevor and then your new dad Kevin and you have more people in your life that love you than any little girl I know. But you never forget Bampa and Huunter, and to this day there isn't a person you want to be with more than those two. Not even me.
Part of me has a sneaking suspicion that your heart will soon belong to your new baby brother and everyone else will become second best. Your feisty spirit and busy days will fall into place around him and I'm hoping you adapt to his presence quickly and smoothly. If you love him as much as you love him now, and he isn't even here yet, I don't think we have much to worry about. Hopefully.

Your words are more like words and less like jibberish these days and you always know what you want. You want to do things yourself or have Stella do them for you. You have mastered the way of getting your sweet sister to pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want. You avoid your own set of tasks just long enough for Stella to do them for you and for me to not notice you didn't do them. It's an art really; one we are working on. You are unbelievably athletic, but not very strong. You have great balance and will ride your bike faster and more fearlessly than any child I've ever seen. But your size is your disadvantage, you are small. Very small. Noisy, but small. You have an attention span that is most times longer than my own. You will snuggle on your dad's lap watching the football game only to be distracted when there are commercials. You love football. You spend your week asking when the next game is, and always think that Uncle Hunter is playing, regardless if he is or isn't.
You are a great sleeper, an amazing eater and are usually just happy. Happy to talk to you, happy to be home or in the car. You are happy to play toys or color, maybe sing songs or watch Cars. Rarely are you combustible. You have eased into your second year so gracefully I wonder where the time has gone.
Miss Red Dress, I am so grateful I get to spend my days with you. That we get to putter around the house talking and dancing around. I am so grateful that I don't have to share you with anyone else.
I am your mom and you are my Ruby and there isn't much better than that.

love love

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